Theme Features

Easily Customizable

Like our other Free WordPress Themes, Authority Marketer WordPress theme also lets you customize the look and feel of your site. Instead of providing you so many options to customize your site, you will get options like primary, secondary color choices to set colors on your site.

Custom CSS Editor

Use the CSS editor to make the theme truly your own. Each change you make inside the editor will be safely saved inside the database.

Google Fonts

Select the fonts of your choice set a custom size, make the look and feel of your site as per your need easily from the Theme panel.

Advertisement Options

Great option to place Advertisements between posts. Premium theme feature you should not miss.

Color Options

Make your site attractive by selecting the best color combinations as you’ll found numerous color options to customize your site as you want it to be.

Looks great on any device

This beautiful and free Authority Marketer WordPress theme is also responsive. This means whether your site visitor is looking at your site from a mobile device, touch pad, laptop or any computer. It is coded to look great everywhere. Simply means low bounce rates, better position in Google search results.

Built with powerful Underscore S frameworks

This theme combines the power of underscores(_s) a WordPress theme so you get best of the both worlds. These codebases are created and refined over the years by 100s of WordPress and Front End experts.

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